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Last Update Sunday january the 19th 2009


Just ask for the 2009 AGaBI calendar2009
Kitten and Adults Version
8 euros plus a free donation for FIP and  delivery fees

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Next Bir-Appointments

AGaBi & Univet Milano present the following project
"Birman heart against FIP"
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Special Birman Shows

(All in Italian)


Festa del Birmano - Trieste, 15-16 Marzo 2008 (coming soon)
Festival Internazionale Birmano - Locarno, sabato 12 Gennaio 2008 (coming soon)
Special Birman Show - Milan, 13 October 2007
Special Birman Show - Milan, 7 October 2006
Special Birman Show - Lyon (F), 29-30 April 2006
Special Birman Show Rothenburg (CH) 12 March 2006 
Special Birman Show 2005
Special Birman Show 2004

Special Birman Show in  Arhem (NL) April 11th-12th 2004
Birman Meeting - Milan October 11th 2003


Agabi would like to support the veterinary research against FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis- click here for more details), by sending donations to the research group which is dedicated to the study of this pathology.
 All the members who would like to give their support can contact the club and then Agabi will send the received donations.
 So let's take part!
 In case you are not a member but wish to make your donation, just contact us so taht we can send you all the details.



Just click here to visit the "Birman Boutique"page
All gains will be destined to the
 FIP research.


You can order Birman mouse pads and  vaccination books in our Birman Boutique.


A.Ga.Bi. - Italian Association of  the Sacred Cat of Burma was born in 1982 in order to preserve the Birman, improve the standard, help his diffusion on the national territory and maintain the contacts with all the foreign clubs.

 It has been the first specialized club to be set up in Italy and recognized from the A.N.F.I. (Italian Feline Association) and F.I.Fe.  The Club yearly produces some special Birman Newsletters, follows and regularly updates the List of the Italian Birman Studs and is providing the name of the breeders to anyone whishing to have a Birman baby

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